Goals To Save 100 Dollars A Week


Every person today is planning to cut down his expenses and increase his earnings. It is becoming very difficult for people to make both ends meet. There are individuals who are working at two to three places a day but even then can not bring enough money home to spend freely. It is very important to adopt saving habits, in order to live a life that is tension free in terms of spending money. There are a few tried and tested ways through which any individual can save 100 dollars a week. This goal can be easily achieved by following the steps given as under:

Save From Calls

It is right time to avoid using land line calling and start using smart mobile phone packages. These days Skype and Viber are also very important and significant communication tools. It is beneficial to use these because they don’t charge much. In fact, some of the calling software programs are even free to use. This way, a person can easily save 25 – 30 dollars a week.

Don’t Rush To ATM Every time

People are becoming impulsive day by day. When it comes to shopping everyone prefers to swipe his or her credit or debit card. It is in best interest of the individuals to think for a moment and then conclude that whether that thing is genuinely needed or one can live without it. This has always helped numerous individuals because they selected to spend on limited things rather than spending on every other item. Try to limit the usage of ATM card.

Manicure and Pedicure (Personally)

For those men and women who visit beauty salons for manicure and pedicure, they should start to take some time out from their busy schedule, let’s say on weekends to carry out manicure and pedicure by themselves. This will help them in cutting down the expenses and also help them to keep their things clean and neat. The saved money can be spent in multiple other ways.

Use Parks Avoid Gyms

It has been noticed that majority of the people who join gyms don’t visit gym more than 2 days a week. They spend heavy fees for their gym but don’t visit. It is better to visit any nearby park and start to work out and jog there. It is a natural and much better way to cut down calories and this will also help in saving money.

With the help of above mentioned tips and steps it will be easier for people to accomplish their goal of saving at least 100 dollars a week.

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